About Slim

Born May 4, 1983
Favorite Color: Pink and Green
Favorite Band: Tower of Power
Random Fact: “I haven’t slept since 2002.”
Best James Bond: “Connery, all the way.”

“Slimtronic5k is the musical equivalent of Rubik’s Cube. Only with hundreds more sides and a seemingly infinite array of colors. Equal parts mystery and creativity, Slimtronic5k is impossible to understand but easy to admire. Armed to the teeth with an incredibly diverse audiological arsenal, Slimtronic5k weaves the free-form chaos of the universe into remarkably deep musical tapestries with but a stroke of his stringed weapons. As the sounds of Slimtronic5k draw you in, his true ability becomes revealed as he quietly paralyzes your senses. His fingerprint gently burns itself into your mind. Leaving you hypnotized as the music consumes you.”Brad “The Bishop” Thompson

“As a whole Slimtronic5000 represents good in times of evil… Slimtronic5000 himself, not his music, is the true anomaly.”Author Unknown

“Slim Gillian’s hair is not actually hair, it is just an extension of his brain that gives him the increased neural space required to rock and roll.”Taylor Dupree Brewington

“Couple that with the fact that the band’s guitarist, Slim Gillian is poetic insanity on a six-string and you’ve got the makings for what will surely be a signed act in the coming year…”Bam-Bam (Away-Team.com)

“…about two minutes in, the two licks have a confluence of rock and kick ass!” - Sparky Collier

“[Slim is] like a hairy, witty guardian angel!” - C. Trumbore