New music is on it’s way.

Posted on November 8, 2013 by Slim

526262_10151084123176330_216539621_nNow, I should start this message by saying that this new music isn’t necessarily “mine,” per se. I’ve been working on writing some tunes for one of my dearest friends, Mr. Ryan Kida.

Since the moment I met Kida, he’s always been a wealth of inspiration and encouragement for me; and since the moment I met Kida, he’s wanted to write music with me. He’s an incredibly gifted lyricist and song-writer. Over the past several months, I’ve been slowly writing an EP or perhaps a short LP to send to print one day in the future.

For a giggle, I’ve included a picture of Kida and me at Yabo’s Halloween party last year. ;-)

With a couple of the tunes already recorded, and several more on deck waiting to record, I’m focusing on wrapping up writing the musical portion of a few more songs before we head to Unity Gain Recording Studio in January to lay down these last few. I’m excited to get this project laid down and to see what Kida does with the tunes, and I’m excited to be back in the studio recording with my older brother Bishop.

It’s strange that Bishop and I have been playing music for such a long time, nearly two decades, however the majority of our respective work was apart from each other. It is crazy to think that in all the years together, we have very little recorded projects that he and I have both been a part of! It’s no secret the Bishop is my biggest hero in life, in and out of the studio, and it’s always such an honor and privilege to be able to record with such a monster musician.

I’ve also finally set my home studio up and intend to spend more time in 2014 focusing on my music again. I’m finally back to a place mentally, emotionally, and physically where I feel like I can get my head back into music! I’m stoked to be experimenting with new genres of music, revisiting older genres of music, and even bust into more voice over and voice acting work in the near future!

In any event, keep your eyes and ears peeled for some new tunes coming early 2014! Thank you all so much for your love and support!

Peace, snugs, and MEGA love!