How I’m feeling and project updates

Posted on June 21, 2012 by Slim

If you follow one of my other websites, The Next Forty Days, you’ll likely know that I’m on a serious journey towards a better and healthier life through a very freeing new lifestyle, and lots of DDPYoga!

It’s been such an amazing journey so far! I’m meeting new people and making new friends everyday, all around the world! I’m losing a great deal of weight, and gaining a great deal of my life back. Included in that gain of my life, my back is starting to do WORLDS better! I feel myself healing more everyday. I’m definitely looking forward to the time where I can stand on stage again and do what I do, even if it’s not in a solid project!

Speaking of which, here are some musical updates:

• I’ve been writing more for the “Dead Set” project. I’m pretty excited about a couple of the tunes, and I’m looking forward to being able to spend some time on those tunes and making them amazing. I may record just an acoustic version on YouTube of one of the tunes to give you a little bit of a preview.

• The Bishop and I are well on our way to getting two of “The Words Repeat” project tunes out to you guys for Christmas in July. It’s looking right now like Bish’s arrangement of “My Favorite Things” and my arrangement of “We Three Kings” will be the tracks that we’ll be releasing next month. If you’re not following the Facebook page for The Words Repeat, stop by and give it a like for the most up to date info!

• I’ve started co-writing some tunes with a buddy who is a brilliant lyricist and vocalist. We’ll be writing some tunes for the next year that we’ll package up and shop to publishers, bands, artists, etc. to sell the tunes.

• I’ve also started writing a new album as a tribute to DDPYoga and Mr. Diamond Dallas Page himself. The intention of this album to is write the tunes and arrangements, then collaborate with other members of TeamDDP who are on this weight-loss/healthy lifestyle journey with me to record the tunes and package to release to other members of TeamDDP. I’m actually pretty stoked about this idea, even though it is just in the infant stages.

That’s about it for now. Taking life one step at a time, as it comes my way. My eyes are pointed at the horizon, excited and hopeful for things to come!

Thank you all so much for all of your love, support and encouragement!

Mega love,