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New music is on it’s way.

Posted on 11/08/13 by Slim

Now, I should start this message by saying that this new music isn’t necessarily “mine,” per se. I’ve been working on writing some tunes for one of my dearest friends, Mr. Ryan Kida. Since the moment I met Kida, he’s always been a wealth of inspiration and encouragement for me; and since the moment I […]

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Studio time

Posted on 04/13/13 by Slim

I neglect this blog… a lot. The simple reality is this: I “retired” from the road life to really focus on my life and my health. I could have the greatest life ever, but if I’m not alive to really enjoy and experience it, what’s the point? Because of that, this blog (and often my […]

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WAY past due…

Posted on 01/19/13 by Slim

I highly neglect the blog portion of this website……… Who am I kidding? I highly neglect this ENTIRE website! In my defense though, my time has been consumed by changing my world with a project I launched with Laura: The Next Forty Days. Between blogging and vlogging there, and trying to stay as committed to […]

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How I’m feeling and project updates

Posted on 06/21/12 by Slim

If you follow one of my other websites, The Next Forty Days, you’ll likely know that I’m on a serious journey towards a better and healthier life through a very freeing new lifestyle, and lots of DDPYoga! It’s been such an amazing journey so far! I’m meeting new people and making new friends everyday, all […]

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The Words Repeat – Song list announced

Posted on 05/14/12 by Slim

As many of you know, my older brother and I have been working on a new project: The Words Repeat. This is a studio project in which intend to do entirely ourselves. We’ll write all of the arrangements and orchestrations as well as play all the instruments and even engineer, record, and produce. It’s a […]

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Fellowbliss Family Financial Help

Posted on 04/27/12 by Slim

Thank you for your interest in helping to meet the needs of a dear friend. Please use the button below to donate in any amount from $1 up. Thank you again for your love and your heart.

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Posted on 04/23/12 by Slim

As some of you may know, last September I suffered a gnarly back injury. This injury has been completely debilitating. I can’t walk, I can’t stand, I lift stuff, etc. As one could imagine, that makes playing in a band rather difficult. It’s been the biggest reason that I’ve not really launched at new project […]

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Back in the Swing

Posted on 04/04/12 by Slim

I’ve been down for a while. After the untimely departure of Fellowbliss, and a rather debilitating back injury, I’ve found myself pretty empty-handed. My life is starting to get back in order, and I’m starting to push forward with music, my career, and my life. I’ll be moving in a few months. I’ll still be […]

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